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New Members, Please read this.

Post by Ige Hong Toufa on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:36 pm

Honestly, I'm going to be straight with you all. I am Ige, don't mess with me, i am serious. Many will vouch that having me as an enemy isn't the correct thing to do. Now i am friendly and will help you since i am an admin but if you cross the line with anything while i am around i shall use force. I will tell you all this, i hate everyone of you till you can prove you deserve respect. If you just act annoying and scream and cry when you don't get something. I hate you. If you are like, Jiang for example who made me angry in the past now you are sucking up to me, then don't try. I won't forgive anyone who does that. Now that is done with. I am Ige, i truly want you all to be my friends, but this isn't possible so i ask you all these simple things while i am talking with you.

1. Correct grammar and spelling the best you can.

2. Be nice.

3. Don't Make me angry

I <3 You all

Ige Hong Toufa
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