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Post by Jiang Wei on Sat Apr 17, 2010 9:42 am

Hola Guys! Very Happy

ME! ME! ME! Very Happy

* Me:
* Name: Marvin Tulagan
* Nickname: Vin, Marvz
* Birthday: August 25, 1995
* Yahoo Messenger: sasuke25_astig
* Skype: marvin_silent25
* My Sites:


...Its just mee...
...hates people steppin on my shoes (you'll be dead!)...
...loves my mum...
...Singing while hitting the shower...
...loves music...
...a true friend Very Happy...
...loves to dance...
...always want a car...
...a people person...
...shy at the first time we meet but as the time goes're in trouble Laughing hahaha...
...But most of the times...
...i prefer to sat and stay alone in peace!...
... I'm lost...
...Trapped in the nothingness...


...The Exact date I joined here is April 15, 2010...
...Always wanted to join a roleplaying sites..
...and you're roleplaying what char you've always wanted Very Happy the reason I joined here its because..
...I want my grammar to improve...and as of now it is effective Very Happy
...another is....Dragons Very Happy... could you not be addicted to DRAGONS??? Very Happy now here...Jiang Wei the Azure Dragon...
..A symbol...

See you all Guys around the site! Very Happy
Jiang Wei
Azure Dragon
Azure Dragon

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