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Li Meigui (Done)

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Li Meigui (Done)

Post by Casey on Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:14 am

Alias: Li, Meigui [last, first]


Human Form:

Dragon Form:

Carp Form:

Meigui is a very quiet but kind person. She loves to help others and make them happy.Due to her hard training Meigui passes out easily but she strives hard.
Meigui also hates to fight, however if she gets in a fight she tries to end it to end it by saying "You win! You win!" or by looking weak. Even though Meigui hates fighting she has to keep training to be more powerful then the original Shenlong.
Name:Fog Retreat


Meigui will let it drizzle until she sees a cloud of fog in front of her then she will make it stop raining then retreat. This can only be done on a very hot day.

She developed this when she was a child.

Name:Cloud Defense


Meigui will make it rain very hard then she will fly up to the gray clouds so she cannot be seen. This can only be done in dragon form.

Meigui developed this when she was 10

Name:Dragon Whip


Meigui will let it rain hard then fly to the sky so the the enemy will wonder where she is, then she she will fly around in circles just in case the enemy saw her fly up. Then, she will fly to the clouds so she cannot be seen. After that when the enemy is looking for her she will carefully fly behind the enemy and whip him with her tail.This can only be done in dragon form. If successful the pain will last two posts
Meigui developed this when she was 12

Name:Sword Of Lightning


Secret Abilities:It can strike a small shock of lightning when you cut somebody with it.

This was Shenlon's sword. She lost it in a battle then a few years(or a few hundred years)later Meigui found it in a cave

When Meigui was born her parents were very happy. They took good care of her and thought her how to fight. When Meigui turned six her mother told her to train with her. After they trained Meigui's mother was tired so she rested awhile. While she was resting she kept thinking to herself "My daughter's dragon form reminds me of some one but i can't quite tell who..." Then one day on Meigui's twelfth birthday her mother put together a little celebration for her. After the celebration her mother took her to train.
After they trained in Meigui's human form her mother asked Meigui to change to her dragon form. When Meigui changed to her dragon form she was very proud because she grew up well, however her mother was looking at her with wide wide eyes. Meigui was disturbed by the look on her mother's face so she changed back to her human form and asked her mother what was wrong. Her mother quickly told her that she was the reincarnation of the great rain dragon Shenlong. At first Meigui couldn't believe it when her mother showed her a scroll all about Shenlong Meigui saw the picture of shenlong on the scroll, then she believed that she was the reincarnation of the great Shenlong. Now, Meigui can control the rain very easily and she strives hard to be more powerful than the original Shenlong.

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Re: Li Meigui (Done)

Post by Hayato on Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:15 pm


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